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4 Best Reviewed Termite Treatments

Termites are a serious threat to the overall value and structural integrity of your home. In this article, we give you the 4 best reviewed termite treatments that provide long-term solutions. Please note the type of termite treatment is highly dependent on the types of termite. You can learn to identify the 'Signs of Termite Infestation' from our page. Read on to learn the four ways you can deal with and protect against termite problems in and around your home.

1. Liquid Termite Treatment

This is by far the most effective way to treat subterrenian termites. This method involves the use of a liquid termiticide which is sprayed at where an infestation is noticed. Furthermore the liquid termite is injected in the foundations of the house by specialized injection pumps. The holes are drilled through masonary level drills and requires specialized trained pest control professionals. Any termites which comes in contact with it (including the natural termite treatment) is either repelled or killed.

Nonrepellent liquids are also used which does not make their presence noticeable by termites and kills them effectively. Furthermore, when applied with the correct concentration, the affected termites return to their nests and kill of all remaining termites as well, spreading the liquid to other mates. The soil surrounding your property should be treated with such termiticide for effective eradication and also prevents them from entering your house from nearby soil also.

2. Termite Baits

Termite baits offer a very different approach to termite control then liquid termite treatment. Baits are deployed around the house, dug unground in soil, in order to lure and infect the termites. Termites consume the bait, often made of up of wood cellulose and a slow-acting termiticide, which disrupts the normal growth process of termites. A proper baiting system requires repetative inspection of baits, monitoring and re-baiting in some cases.

The bait system is a hallow plastic container with openings for the termite to enter, who are attracted due to the cellulose. Termites also leave a scent for other termites to locate the source of cellulose. One of the biggest problems of this technique is for the termites to find the bait. In temperate envirnoments like Lahore, baits are most effective in Springs, when termite activity is at the peak.

Although the termite bait treatment does not require drilling holes, it is slow acting, and may take up week or several months before any termites find the bait and begin infecting. Placing the bait in an ineffective location may entirely be useless way of treating termites. Homeowners are keen towards termite baits as they are less expensive. You can read more about 'Termite Treatment Costs' here. However a liquid termite treatment is highly effective.

3. Borate Termite Treatment

Also known as wood treatment, it is basically done to eradicate the dry wood termites, which are present locally in the wood e.g. door frames, window sills etc. A termiticide containing borate is directly sprayed to the wood surface infested with termites which kills them immediately. These types of termites do not return to the nests and are only present in that particular wood. They mostly emerge due to the wood being untreated at the time of construction of building in the first place. The treatment is odorless and does not cause harm to humans. It also acts as a preventive measure for termite infestation when applied during new construction of home and furniture.

4. Fumigation

If your house is infested with multiple nests of termites which are hard to eradicate with a single treatment, fumigation of the entire structure is often recommended by experts. It is the best answer to how to treat termites completely and effectively.

The process involves evacuating humans and animals from the house and covering it with a tent. Then the area is fumigated with termiticide which reaches every corner and cracks of the property and kills all the termites. However, this kind of treatment is an extreme measure. Termites can be treated locally in very effective manner, along with liquid termite treatments.