4 Best Reviewed Types of Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment lahore

1. Liquid Termite Treatment

This method involves the use of a liquid termiticide which is sprayed in and around your home where an infestation is noticed. Any termites which comes in contact with it (including the termite treatment) is either repelled or killed.

Nonrepellent liquids are also used which does not make their presence noticeable by termites and kills them effectively in their place. The soil surrounding your property should be treated with such termiticide for effective eradication and also prevents them from entering your house from nearby soil.

2. Termite Baits

This is one of the best termite treatment methods that help in eliminating the insect from your house. Liquid treatment is done in entry points after thorough monitoring of the checkpoints in your house where there is a possibility of infestation.

The termites when ingesting this liquid spreads it to other mates in the nest and get controlled much effectively.

3. Borate Termite Treatment

Also known as wood treatment, it is basically done to eradicate the dry wood termites. A termiticide containing Borate is directly applied to the wood surface infested with termites which dies immediately.

The treatment is odorless and does not cause harm to humans. It also acts as a preventive measure for termite infestation when applied during new construction of home and furniture.

4. Fumigation

If your house is infested with multiple nests of termites which are hard to eradicate with a single treatment, fumigation of the entire structure is often recommended by experts. It is the best answer to how to treat termites completely and effectively.

The process involves evacuating humans and animals from the house and covering it with a tent. The house will then be fumigated with termiticide, which would reach every corner and cracks of the property and kill all the termites.

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