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Protect Plus - Environment Friendly Pesticide for Homes and Gardens

Protect Plus is a broad spectrum pesticide and is registered for use of pest control services in Lahore on areas such as houses, gardens, lawns, outdoor perimeter treatments, indoors as spot and crack and crevice treatments. Difference in concentration levels results in pest elimination of cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes etc.
To protect yourself from mosquitoes & other pests this summer, you can either lather yourself with greasy, unpleasant smelling mosquito repellent, OR you can hire the best pest control service in Lahore. Cut mosquitoes off at the source by attacking the areas where they breed and lay eggs! Framed in that way, it seems like an obvious choice. There are many high-quality mosquito sprays out there nowadays which are suitable for protecting your yard from the blood-sucking pests. We consider ourself the best pest control service in Lahore because of our pesticide products. Simply attach 'Protect Plus' to your hose and you are good to go for Do It Yourself (DIY) pest control. It contains ingredients which are non-toxic and eco-friendly and which leave no residue, providing minimal risk of other wildlife being affected by their application, although it is highly effective for pest control service. Also this product leaves no residue, can even be used indoors, including around pets and children. It leaves no unpleasant chemical odor behind either. Please note 'Protect Plus' is premium pesticide and is not for termite treatment service or deemak control service! How do they work? Simply put, the liquid pest control insecticide is sprayed over the foliage and grass in your yard and the mosquitoes, flies, gnats, spiders, bed bugs, etc that are exposed to it are slowly killed as are their larvae and eggs. In most cases, 'Protect Plus' works by interfering with the insects’ nervous system and generally do not kill on contact. It is highly advisible to hire a pest control service for any fumigation service.

100% natural.

Low mammalian toxicity: No other pesticide can claim such a long record of proven safety towards humans and warm blooded animals.

Lack of Insect Immunity: The structure of the molecule is so complex that insect resistance is not a practical problem.

Broad Spectrum of Activity
Fast Acting: Quickly knocks down and kills pests, attacking the nervous system of insects.

Environmentally Friendly: Quickly breaks down in sunlight, leaving no residues.

Flushing Action:

Allowed in Sensitive Areas

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